Yacht Prize-giving*

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Yacht prize-giving 2017 Saturday 12 November 2016

With assistance from her lovely assistant, Mike Luker, Sailing Secretary (Yachts), Dee Casey-Brown presided over 2016 yacht-prize-giving giving everyone the chance to get together and celebrate and recall the ups and downs of the 2016 season.  Thanks to Olga Shimell for the photos and to all the sponsors.


Series 1 sponsored by Tony Brown

PYA Paul Fourness in Rosy
PYB Keith Watts in Late Arrival.
PYC Bill Shimell in Wiz
Series 2 sponsored by Peninsular Plumbing
PYA Steve Wassell in Dogs Jorrocks
PYB Keith Watts in Late Arrival
PYC Bill Shimell in Wiz
Ladies Helm sponsored by Kilby
PYA Haley Hoskin in Dogs Jorrocks
PYB Caroline Jackson in Cumulus
PYC Olga Shimell in Wiz
Youth Helm
PYA Emily Willoughby in Dogs Jorrocks
PYB Alex Smerdon in Late Arrival
Steve Wassell in Dog’s Jorrocks
Stewards Cup sponsored by St Austell brewery.
Dave Bouch in Tipsy