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In 2014 the club was approached by some club members who were sea kayak users and who wanted to use the club as a base for their activities. They were tired of having to put their boats on the car roof and carry them down to the waters edge. So a kayak rack was built to store 10 kayaks initially ( low cost annual storage charge applicable) with excellent access to the water. Members also have full use of club facilities to wash down their hulls and use our changing rooms to get out of their wet kit. It all makes it easier for them to enjoy their sport and the easier it is the more they will do it. As the kayak section builds so too will our storage, training and holding of events (racing, fishing etc), therefore the more popular you make it the more we will do.

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So if you have a kayak, want easier access to the water, a place to change clothes and perhaps a cold drink after a hard days paddling then come and join us at TMSC today. For more info email [email protected]