Meet the Team*


Honorary President Tony Ayers
Commodore Steve Creek [email protected]
Vice-Commodore Karl Field: responsibilities include moorings, yacht lift in & out etc [email protected]
Rear-Commodore Jamie Watts: responsibilities include facilities & building issues [email protected]
Hon.Secretary Graham McDiarmid [email protected]
Hon.Treasurer Bob Holder [email protected]
Social Secretary Jane Harris-Wood [email protected]
Sailing Secretary Yachts Dee Casey Brown [email protected]
Sailing Secretary Dinghies Steve Roberts [email protected]
Cadet Co-ordinator Phillippa Smerdon [email protected] 07918 666339
Diving Rep Bernard Jones [email protected]
Windsurfing Rep Allen Adams [email protected] 07812 023801
Rowing Rep  Barrie Willoughby [email protected]
General Committee
Laurie Barton Ingram, Ralph Smith, Barrie Willoughby,Bob Wilkes. There are two vacancies.
Press & Publicity Officer* Brigitte Mann [email protected] 01579 344631/ 07419 749736
Training Principal Bob Holder [email protected]  07773 537576
Club Steward Neville Griffiths 01752 812508
Kilby’s Restaurant Dave Kilby 01752 813200
 * = team members who are not currently on the Management Committee If you are unsure who to contact, email  [email protected] and your query will be forwarded to the most appropriate team member