Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club’s Committee, consisting of the elected or appointed Committee members, in accordance with the constitution, has a responsibility to the club and its members of not only seeing that the club runs smoothly and effectively but that they always act with the clubs best interests at heart. It controls the direction in which the club moves and acts to oversee the day to day running of the club. Most importantly, the people on your Committee are there because they want to make a difference and help the club achieve its goals.

The Committee is only successful if it works together as a team. This unifies the Committee giving it strength and worth. It allows for the talents of each member to be used to full potential by sharing the responsibility rather than duplicating tasks. Committee members must be prepared to take on a range of duties and take the initiative to seek assistance should they need it.
Sub-committees are formed to assist the Committee with specific portfolios. All actions proposed by the Sub-Committees are usually approved by the Committee before they are undertaken, to ensure that the well-being of the club is maintained. However the Sub-Committees are authorised to make operational decisions within their area of expertise and budget. The progress of the Sub-Committees is presented by monthly reports submitted to the Committee for review at management meetings.

Committee members are free to approach the Committee with any project or proposal they feel the club should undertake. This allows the Committee to review the proposal and, should they agree, sanction it, taking into account the club’s budget.

Your Committee is comprised of the following elected members:

  • Commodore
  • Vice-Commodore
  • Rear-Commodore
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Social Secretary
  • Sailing Secretary Dinghies
  • Sailing Secretary Yachts
  • nine further committee members who may take specialist roles, eg, windsurfing representative.

In simple terms without your Committee’s hard work the Club would cease to function. It’s core tasks are:
a. Create and administer action plans
b. Develop policies and procedures
c. Keep the club’s members informed of all club activities, including the outcome of executive meetings and forthcoming events through open communication, newsletters, e-mails and regular meetings
d. Acknowledge the needs of clubs members
e. Provide job descriptions for positions available within the club and assist with the recruitment of people for these positions
f. Assist with the changeover of Committee members
g. Provide opportunities for coaches and officials to obtain education and upgrade skills
h. Evaluate the performances of the volunteers and/or professionals that attend the club
i. Ensure that funds raised are well managed and used to further develop the club and its members
j. Maintain good relations within the local community

If you are thinking of undertaking a Committee appointment and you:

i. Are willing to accept responsibility
ii. Are enthusiastic and dedicated to the Club’s Development
iii. Have leadership and communication skills
iv. Have a basic understanding of the Committee and the roles within it
v. Have good time management skills
vi. Are committed to the club’s vision

then please put your name forward for election on the notice displayed prior to the AGM each November. Help us to ensure that the TMSC has a role for the future.